Everybody Ballet provides ballet classes for anyone and everyone; no previous training necessary, just the enthusiasm to do something different..


Our carefully-designed method draws upon classical ballet techniques combined with specific stretching and core strengthening work to help students use their bodies in a healthy, graceful yet powerful way. 

Our classes will increase your muscle tone and strength, as well as your flexibility, agility and balance. Ballet builds core strength and stability, and improves your posture, coordination and control, and the emotional value of moving to music is incalculable.

Ballet exercises are set in combinations to music, adding a level of mental exercise that is very different to other forms of fitness. Our students report feeling more graceful and more confident and that their brains get a thorough workout too!


Our classes

Everybody Ballet classes are taught by world-class professional and ex-professional dancers, in an accessible, caring environment to benefit everybody who would like to try ballet, even – especially! - those with no previous experience.